How to install LazyKali and HackPack Script in Kali Linux

You learn Installing LazyKali and HackPack Script in Kali Linux. Also basic information about LazyKali and HackPack Script. This is a collection of scripts to add to Kali Linux. It will create a new menu named Hackpack in your applications menu. It Should work on any flavor of Debian, Ubuntu etc…. But is made mainly for Kali along with LazyKali.


LazyKali is an awesome script written in the bash shell. It can automate the whole update and install new tools in your hack repository. Lazykali, as the name suggests, its basically for lazy peoples or to be specific for Lazy Hackers.?

Lazy-Kali will also update Kali, Start Metasploit Services, Start Stop and Update Open-Vas Services etc.  This tool was made especially by focusing on Kali Linux.

First Download LazyKali and Hackpack script from here (and save it to your desktop)

To install Lazykali first download Lazykali and then type the following commands:

  1. cd Desktop
  2. sudo git clone
  3. cd Lazykali-and-Hackpack
  4. sudo chmod +x
  5. sudo ./
  6. Press Y and Hit Enter

When you execute the command you will get a confirmation message saying that Script is installed and after few seconds it will load up the options for you.


Hackpack is also same as LazyKali. It consists of few extra tools in it. The installation process is simple and easy to understand.

How to install Hackpack?

  1. First Install the Lazy Kali Script as shown above.
  2. After Installing the Lazy Kali Script, go in the hackpack directory using cd hackpack
  3. run following commands
  4. sudo chmod +x
  5. sudo ./

How to install Hackpack

Once you execute file, it will install all the tools into your system and after installation, you can access them all from the application menu which is very convenient. So now you have a collection of all the useful tool and scripts to automate the process quickly and easily.

As a result, we install LazyKali and HackPack Script in Kali Linux.

Features of lazy kali

  • Update kali
  • Metasploit services
  • Open VPS services
  • ExploitDb
  • Sniffing and spoofing
  • Install extras
  • Payload gen


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