How To Install Rootkit Hunter On Kali Linux ( Anti Malware) || identity virus in linux

How To Install Rootkit Hunter On Kali Linux (Anti-Malware)
In this video i am going to show you how to install anti virus or anti malware of linux .
Root kit hunter is like anti malware of Linux operating system.

Command: apt-get install rkhunter


Kali Linux :

A rootkit is a malicious software designed to obtain root-level access to
a computer while hiding its presence or identity from antivirus software.
Common ways for rootkits to get installed on your system are through trojan horses contained in drive-by downloads,
known system vulnerabilities, suspicious email attachments, web surfing, or simply by password cracking.
On Linux, there are several rootkit scanner tools that help project against known or potential rootkits.
One such rootkit detection tool is called Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter).

rkhunter(RootkitHunterfor) is aUnixprogramthat can detectrootkits,
To do this,it compares thehashSHA-256, SHA-512,MD5andSHA1important fileswith knownhash,
which areaccessed froma databaseonline.Thus,
it can detectdirectoriestypically used byrootkit,
abnormalpermissions,hidden files,suspiciousstrings
in thekerneland canperform specificteststoGNU/ LinuxandFreeBSD.

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