How To Set Terminal Shortcut in Kali Linux || Terminal Ctrl + Alt + T || Terminal Shortcut on Kali

On Kali Linux, the normal keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T for the opening terminal window isn’t set by default. Where can I set these?
In Kali Linux we press CTRL+ALT+T and it’s not worked, instead, we must click the terminal logo on the top of my Kali Linux window.

Lets Set Terminal Shortcut on Kali Linux.

You can also bind whatever shortcut you want to the terminal.
Just go to Applications -> System Tools -> Preferences -> System Settings -> Then go to the Devices then keyboard and click on the shortcut tab and go down to custom shortcuts
Add a new shortcut name it whatever you like and for command enter gnome-terminal Finally, click the row and hold down the new keys or press Backspace to clear.



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