How to Hide any file in Image using Kali Linux | Hide any data in Image file (Stenography) ?

Hello everyone in this video I show you how you can hide your file in an image file.
First, create your data zip file For creating zip file Just right click on your file and click on compress After then give a filename and click on create
after then new zip file is created now we put this file in an image file
Now just open your terminal and change your directory where you work in my case I changed it to desktop
now type CAT space your image name space zip file name Space greater than sign space new image file name in this new image file name our data is inserted
Now our new file is created and now check file sizes
here you Notice over new file size is Combination of two file size
Now we extract all data from image file so I put over an image in New folder so we can see easily the process
Now change the directory In the terminal
Now type unzip space over image file name And hit the enter button
Now our file is extracted from the Image file
You need to remember one thing After extracting the data from the image file our data never delete from the image
If you want to your original image so save your image separately

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