How to Create Wordlist in Kali Linux || Generate Wordlist on kali linux with cupp ||

How to Create Wordlist on kali linux with cupp || How to create Wordlist in Kali Linux ||How to generate Word list in Kali Linux ||
Word list create in kali linux by cupp

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What Is CUPP Exactly?
CUPP is a very powerful tool that creates a wordlist specifically for a person. CUPP is cross platform and written in Python. CUPP asks you questions about the target (name, wife’s name, pet’s name…) and then creates a password based on the keywords you entered. but how exactly does CUPP work?
humans, no matter how much we think we are unique, show the same patterns when it comes to passwords. we usually pick passwords that are easy to remember, so we take personal things into our passwords. for example, someone could easily remember a password that contains his birthday and the name of his wife. so for example, someone who has a wife named Lucy and was born on 05/07/1978, would have password like “Lucy05071978”.
CUPP uses these “algorithms” that are hardwired in humans and exploits them, to generate a very effective wordlist.
i personally find CUPP very effective and it is my personal favorite for when i need to crack a password of a specific person. i once did an experiment with 20 friends to see if their password appeared on the CUPP wordlist after i gave CUPP some info about them, and guess what: 16 of the 20 had their password guessed by CUPP! anyway, enough talk, let’s get our hands dirty!

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